Dr. Claudia Xu


Dr. Claudia Xu is a veteran in the cross-sector partnership building, knowledge transfer and technology commercialization, incubation of technology startups, management of public funding schemes, and talent development support, with extensive working experiences in academic institution, commercial enterprise and statutory organization.

She joined Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (“HKSTP”) in March 2018 as Chief Commercial Officer, responsible for building and promoting the ecosystem for innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialisation of science and technology in Hong Kong. She forged strategic partnerships with key players in Mainland China and international markets to attract technology companies, research institutes and talents to the Hong Kong. She built collaborative networks with universities, industries, professional organisations, investors and technology companies. In particular, she led the efforts to set up the partnership hubs with local universities in Hong Kong to strengthen the support to university knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship. She took charge of formulating HKSTP’s GBA strategy, setting up GBA operations and creating partnership programs. She led the effort in HKSTP to develop STEM talent development support system. She was also managing HKSTP public funding service platform to provide a wide range of supports to HKSTP tenant companies and beyond for accessing Hong Kong public funding sources.

Before joining HKSTP, Dr. Xu was the Director of Technology Transfer Center and Chief Executive Officer of HKUST R and D Corporation Limited at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (“HKUST”) responsible for the HKUST’s intellectual property management & licensing, academic-industrial collaboration and industrial funding support for university research, technology commercialisation and startup incubation, management of funding schemes supporting technology transfer and entrepreneurship. Spending 18 years in university knowledge transfer sector, she has gained in-depth knowledge on innovation landscape, policies and practices, as well as public and private funding sources & mechanisms in the region and major overseas countries. She has also built extensive relationships with partners from private sector and industry for promoting knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship. Prior to HKUST, she worked for the leading consulting firm McKinsey & Company Hong Kong as energy specialist specializing in energy, chemicals and petrochemicals, and Bechtel Asia Pacific focusing on the strategic planning and business development of large-scale infrastructure projects in the region.

She has also served as the chair of the Technological Achievement Award category of Hong Kong Awards for Industries, Member of Smart City and Digital Connectivity Task Force under HKTDC Belt and Road & Greater Bay Area Committee, Founding Member of Hong Kong Industry-University-Research Collaboration Association, Member of the Advisory Committee on Review of the Patent System in Hong Kong for the Intellectual Property Department of HKSAR Government.

Dr. Xu has received a Bachelor of Engineering in chemical engineering from Zhejiang University, a Master of Engineering in energy technology from Asian Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse.